Of Course

Door: Sjors Roelofs, Thimo Kuijl & Tom van Reenen

Challenge: activate and motivate couchpotato’s to jumpstart their professional carreer using online courses.
Client: Buutvrij
Students: Thimo Kuijl, Tom van Reenen and Sjors Roelofs.

Summary: How do you activate and motivate couchpotato’s into learning a new set of skills?

That’s the description of the briefing we’ve got from Buutvrij (a creative agency in Amsterdam). The assignment was to develop a concept for a new kind of e-learning platform, which focusses itself on young people who aren’t motivated in doing anything with their lives.

We’ve come up with Off Course: an e-learning platform which focuses itself on activating and motivation young students by using several gamification aspects. Once they access Off Course on their PC or tablet they’ll see a short intro film explaining the main storyline. The users crash on the island and need to survive by completing a certain amount of quests. The quests are online video courses that you can find on platforms like Lynda.com. The more course students complete, the more quests and extra’s become available. Each quest has a different school subject and is part of the curriculum. The only way to get off the island is to learn these new (survival) skills and achieve certain goals on the platform to gain certain items in the game that help you on your way of the island. Teamwork and discovery are two big themes in Off Course.

Once they have completed enough courses (quests) they’ve earned their way off the island and become On Course. When they achieved this title they are well on their way to become a skillfull professional.